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QI Talks

Are you interested in the world?    Do you want to expand your general knowledge?   If so, then you may find our QI talks Quite Interesting! It is aimed at Year 9 and above but all are welcome, including staff. You don’t need to bring anything along, apart from your curiosity…

Previous talks have included:

  • The Battle of Waterloo  
  • My family History: including a Tudor highwayman!  
  • Federico Lorca – shot for being a homosexual? Or for being an intellectual?  
  • The amazing inventions of Nikola Tesla  
  • The Battle of Agincourt  
  • The Rise and Fall of the Incas in Peru  
  • Napoleon
  • The Joy of Climbing  
  • Food Under Fire: How rationing affected the British diet in WW2  
  • ‘Women in Aviation  
  • ‘The Mafia in Italy  
  • The Classics in Film  
  • International Marketing Mistakes  
  • ‘Downfall: The Final Months of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany  
  • The Killing Fields in Cambodia

Visitors to St Gabriel's quickly recognise that this is no ordinary school. Parents are always impressed by the sense of purpose and enthusiasm of the talented, committed staff and the confidence of the extremely happy pupils. We offer girls the opportunity for a seamless journey from Nursery through to Sixth Form, with our boys leaving us at the age of 11 for their senior schools.

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