At St Gabriel’s we aim to inspire girls with a lifelong love of History, to equip them with a wide range of intellectual skills and to give them a greater understanding of the world around them.

Lessons are lively and exciting, with plenty of opportunity for debate.  We follow a course that gives the students a good insight into 16-17thth Century history, considering big questions like why Henry VIII broke from Rome, how secure Tudor monarchs were on their thrones, and why Charles I lost his head.  There are some wonderful stories along the way, from Henry VIII’s affair with Anne Boleyn to the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The topics are very engaging and are guaranteed to grab the students' interest.  To ensure our students achieve the best possible A level grade there is strong focus on examination technique and practice throughout the two years of study. 

Students will finish the course with the ability to weigh up evidence, argue a case and write in a clear and organised way.  These are highly transferable skills, useful in most degree-level subjects.  That is why universities and employers still regard History as a ‘gold standard’ academic subject that looks good on any CV.


Challenge & Extension

For those intending to read History at university we run additional classes, which provide our more able historians with a forum to discuss higher level concepts such as the meaning of history, gender history, the role of the individual in history and counter-factual history.