The Charitable Aim of the school is:

"To promote and provide for the advancement of education of the pupils at the Schools and in connection therewith to expand and develop the Schools financially and otherwise..."

and the Governors are very conscious of the balance to be achieved between the current provision and future expansion.  They therefore set fee levels very much with this aim in mind and seek to achieve cost effective education and continual improvement.  Fee levels are reviewed each year and any change is implemented at the start of the autumn  term.


Fees are payable termly in advance, as are bus travel, residential visits and music lessons.  Most extras are normally charged in arrears.  Fees are due by the first day of term, and may either be paid direct to the school, or monthly through the schools own direct debit arrangements from August to May..  It is possible to pay fees in advance for periods of 1 to 5 years, and a small discount against future fees may be allowed. Any feepayer interested in the latter arrangement should contact the Bursar for an Illustration of costs.  All fees and payments are subject to the detailed Terms & Conditions.


Current Fee Schedule