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Year 6 Victorian Day

Year 6 Victorian Day

On Tuesday 24th February, Year 6 had a Victorian Day. We were all wearing our Victorian-style clothes. Some were poor and dirty but others were dressed in their Victorian finery! We walked into the Theatre that was set up as a Victorian classroom. All of the rich boys sat at the front which I found unfair because I was a girl and had to sit further back!

The Victorian teacher came in and told us to sit down and then we commenced lessons. The “3R’s” were quite easy especially the ‘aRithmetic, for example, sums were like 3+5. The teacher was very strict compared to our normal teachers and after lunch she got extremely cross with Aggie and Noella for apparently saying “bad words.” They had to have their mouths washed out with carbolic soap – Yuk!

Soon after we looked at, and sketched, some Victorian artefacts and then we rehearsed some period entertainment which we then, in turn, performed to the rest of the group. Some told jokes, some gave gymnastic displays, others did dancing and there was one very amusing strongman performance!
Just as we thought the day was over it was time for “Drill.” This was similar to modern-day PE although it was taught by someone from the Army and was very tiring, as we found out! We did endless star jumps and skipping.
The Victorian experience was fun for a day but I think I’ll stick with education in 2009!!

By Rebecca Davison 6S

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