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Pre-Prep are transported to a Medievel Castle

Pre-Prep are transported to a Medievel Castle

Year 1 and 2 had a very exciting day when Peter, from 'History Off the Page' came to visit. The theme of the day was life in a medieval castle and all the girls and staff entered into the spirit by dressing up in appropriate clothing.

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The girls were told information about life in a medieval castle. The girls learnt about the jobs that people did in a castle and it was explained that unfortunately, at the present time, the castle was under siege but that our soldiers were doing a wonderful job at defending our position. Year 1 and 2 were then put to work in the castles great hall making candles, soap balls, scent bags to ward off the plague and gargoyles to protect the castle from evil spirits. The girls also had to make their own ink so that they could write messages to the king who was away fighting a battle. During the morning a number of girls worked for the wise woman and made traditional remedies for various aliments. The wise woman and her workers were also a great source of gossip!

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During break time, the girls remained in character and tales of enemy soldiers were rife!

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Just before the lunch we received the wonderful news that our castle was safe and the enemy soldiers had retreated. To celebrate, a feast was held during the afternoon and the girls took on a number of different roles. A group of girls became the servitors, brings food and drink to everyone. Another group took on the role of the entertainers, performing a variety of jokes, some juggling and some acrobatics. Six Year 2 girls performed the play 'St George and the Dragon', which was accompanied by a very enthusiastic audience! The final group of girls became the knights and entertained the crowd with a tournament on horseback!

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It was a wonderful day and all the girls and staff entered into the spirit and took their role playing very seriously!

Comments from some of the girls;

I enjoyed candle making because I liked how you dipped it in the wax. - Inisa

I liked being a knight. When I was jousting I won the tournament. - Millie

I liked making a soap ball. We had to roll up soap flakes and put lavender and roses in it to make it smell nice. - Annabel

I enjoyed making scent balls. Now i won't get the plague! - Elizabeth

I liked making posies because they smelt nice and now I won't get any more diseases! - Jessica

I liked everything! - Isabelle

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