Year 5 Maths Challenge

 Year 5 Maths Challenge TeamOn Tuesday 13th March, four Year 5 girls, Annabel Astley, Emerald Cundy, Izzi Ryder and Lottie Swainston took part in the Year 5 Mathematics Challenge at Wellington College.

They had to complete seven rounds of mathematical tasks gaining points as they went along. Their scores were then added up and they were shown a map of 100 lockers and had to guess where the prizes were hidden. The team coming first were able to guess five lockers, second four lockers and third three lockers. Annabel Astley and Lottie Swainston managed to score 134 points out of 175 putting them in joint third place. They then managed to correctly find a prize! Congratulations should go to them.

Apparently the most interesting activity was the Pentomino Checklist where the girls were given shapes that they had to fit together to make rectangles. They all had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

 Maths Challenge Yr 5 2012 Maths Challenge Yr 5 2012