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After a somewhat weird Easter break, where the break came after the Easter, we can now get back to the relative normality of the summer term. Summer Fete on June 21st will be most welcome, but we proved last year that we can still have a successful fete even if it rains! Dave Warwick tells you more about this year’s event inside, and he will be very happy if you are able to help in any way before or on the day. junior playground activity area – and one or two of you have probably had a go on it when you thought nobody was looking! Yes I thought so. Well just don’t let Mrs. Thompson catch you. She has kindly provided a few action photos of the children enjoying the new equipment and these are scattered about inside. Playground Pixie inside. if you have any ideas that will provide the icing on the cake for our girls at the school please submit them via one of the Committee members.

As I recall this time last year we had a mild and sunny April, only to be followed by a dreadful May and – well you know the rest. Well, hopefully it will be the opposite this year – April wasn’t much to write home about weather-wise (as I am writing these words it is pouring) so let’s hope that May will usher in a glorious Summer.

We will aim to include an update on the second hand shop in the next issue.

As always, remember that as parents you can also have a say on how we spend PFSG funds. So

Thanks to all the contributors for this edition and to the School for final production. Enjoy your term and let’s hope for a good summer this year.

Pete Adams




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