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Y10 Lacock Abbey

We started the day by splitting in three groups, one went to Lacock Abbey, the other went Lacock village and the third went to the museum and viewed the photography exhibition. We subsequently swapped locations allowing each group to explore all areas. Lacock village is a quaint, old fashioned village with lots of history, including being used in films such as Pride and Prejudice.

The photographers took modern day photos of historic pictures to explore the evolution of locations over time and the modernisation of Britain. The artists found elements of the village of which interested them and studied them with short sketches to document their visit. The photography exhibition within Lacock included the development of photography from invention to current time. The museum showcased the beginning methods of development and how the methods affected the picture. The museum also had an exhibition that presented the different effects  and atmosphere you can create, with black and white landscapes of Iceland by Tim Rudman. This helped us to understand the background of photography.

Lacock Abbey has an equally rich history, having been a monastery in its past with its intricate architecture and tall spires. It was also recently used for the filming of the Harry Potter franchise, and is also the place where the first photograph was taken by William Fox Talbot, he started taking photos as his three daughters could draw and he could not.
Overall, the trip was educational as well as enjoyable and we all discovered new things about our given subjects that we had previously not known, to help and explore new depths in our project work.

Charlotte D and Alicia P
Year 10



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