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Murder in Sandleford Library

As part of Activities Week, all of year 7 turned into detectives for the day to solve the ‘Murder in the Library’! With a cast of staff turned into potential culprits, the girls went on a tour of the school and grounds, seeking and solving questions and problems to lead them to their conclusions. Who murdered former actress, Lady Lulu Wittering – her husband, her sister, jealous rivals? And where did the body go? Teams of detectives looked at various aspects of the case – the house and grounds, the method of murder, the backgrounds of the suspects – and then presented news conferences to share their findings. Surely the lovely housekeeper, Mrs Hood (played by Mrs Moody), playwright Mrs Writer (played by Mrs. Alexander) or Lulu’s sister Willow (played by Mrs Heveron) couldn’t have been involved, could they? And what about the sneaky librarian, Miss Prim? The girls worked it all out, and then had their findings confirmed as Lady Wittering’s ghost popped in to give us all a good scare!

In the afternoon, again in teams, the girls prepared and presented their own short plays. Body counts were high; there was some dazzling detective work and much enthusiastic applause from the audience. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed sitting in the sun and watching the drama unfold.

Agatha Christie would have been proud!

A selection of photographs of the girls acting out their short plays can be seen in Galleries.

Mrs. A Borzoni


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