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Classical Greek Tour 2016 - Day Five

Day Five - Anything and Everything!

Mr Ives had said that it would be a once in a life time experience to get up for sunrise, but the reality of getting up at 6am whilst on holiday was not as pleasant as we had envisaged the night before. After shivering on the jetty for about half an hour we were rewarded with a spectacular sunrise appearing in a clear sky which we hoped would be (and was) a good omen for the rest of the day. As some of us decided we were not going back to sleep before breakfast, (who needs sleep anyway?!) we chose to go on an early morning stroll along the beach and enjoyed some brilliant baklava and delicious donuts from a local bakery using the 'emergency' fund; watching the hustle and bustle of marine life - speeding boats and stationary sea urchins.

The first stop of the day: Epidavros. We eventually got to the famous amphitheatre after a 'quick' stop cooing over some puppies, a main theme of the trip! Then a steep climb to the top allowed us to see for miles around, obviously with a photo opp of us impersonating the high ranking members of Grecian society, (we are all princesses). Ives and Alexander thought that it would be fun to perform Medea in the amphitheatre tackling the injustices of sexism, love and injustice - the injustice of not being able to dance, act or sing inside of a theatre; nice one Greeks!

Next stop: Mycenae, home of an Ivesy hero, a great man who raped, pillaged and murdered his way through most of the ancient world. The one, the only: Agamemnon. Most of us trooped up to the top of the hill and then we marched all the way down into the depths of Agamemnon's cistern (which turned out to be an empty hole) with no lights or regards to health and safety! The views from the top were breathtaking inspiring many of us to become mill- sorry billionaires and build mansions on the top of adjoining hills. 

His tomb was next on the agenda, but only for a quick stop. Expecting something dramatic and worthy of the supposedly great king of Macedonia, what we entered looked spooky and mysterious but on the inside was just an empty round room with a beehive shaped roof - not as interesting as we first hoped, where was the body? Turns out that we do not know if he even existed let alone where he was buried, it could just have been an elaborate shed!

After this heavy morning of sightseeing we boarded the coach yet again for the final leg of our journey, to Athens. After several intense games of WereWolf we reached the Corinthian Canal; built because the Ancient Greeks just could not be bothered to sail/walk around the whole of Greece to get to mainland Europe, so they linked the sea on both sides with an enormous and deep canal #priorities. With 'emergency' ice creams in tow we walked along the footbridge, discussing how to survive if we fell off as it was not on the risk assessment!

After another couple of hours on the coach, we arrived in the capital. We had a buffet meal 15 minutes after we got into the Crystal Hotel and then we participated in a 5 round quiz. Rounds included: Sport with Ives, Literature with Hall, Classics with Coles, Pop culture with Trev and finally an interesting music round - teachers humming One Direction is quite an experience! Well done to the Green Mackerels (first) and the Angry Spartans (second); we also have to mention Bam Bas Batman for getting the wooden spoon!

As the clocks went forward by an hour we thought that we had been up for far longer then we had and we all crawled up the stairs to bed for our last night in Greece.

Guest authors: Philippa and Lauren S

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