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Y7 Healthy Eating

Snapshots taken in the food classroom showing the type of work covered in the Y7 curriculum and fun our pupils have in learning new skills. Y7 learn about the importance of 'eating a rainbow' and '5 a day' before applying their knowledge by creating a delicious range of healthy dishes.

  • Y7 Super Salads

    Y7 Super Salads.JPG
    Y7 Super Salads
  • Y7 Cheese Straws

    Y7 Cheese Straws.JPG
    Y7 Cheese Straws
  • Y7 cake making

    Y7 cake making.PNG
    Y7 cake making
  • Y7 fatless sponges - Swiss rolls

    Y7 fatless sponges - Swiss rolls.JPG
    Y7 fatless sponges - Swiss rolls
  • Y7 Macaroni Cheese(1)

    Y7 Macaroni Cheese(1).JPG
    Y7 Macaroni Cheese(1)
  • Y7 Super Salads

    Y7 Super Salads.JPG
    Y7 Super Salads
  • Y7 Healthy Vegetable Crumble

    Y7 Healthy Vegetable Crumble.JPG
    Y7 Healthy Vegetable Crumble
  • food tech salads 2

    food tech salads 2.JPG
    food tech salads 2
  • Food tech salads

    Food tech salads.JPG
    Food tech salads

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