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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

PE at Home Summer Term - Week 8

Mrs Brazendale delivers the Summer Term PE Timetable outdoors for Week 8.  Activities for Monday to Friday for all years have been designed in the timetables below.  This is set for week commencing 15 June.

Exercising safely is a priority and videos showing the techniques for Commit to Core and Workout Wednesday are demonstrated by Mrs Brazendale They can be accessed via the links below and on the timetable. 

I expect great things from you, try your hardest, action is key to success.

mrs brazendale

Don't forget to watch Mrs Brazendale’s videos for techniques on Commit to Core and Workout Wednesday to ensure you are confident and exercise safely.

Commit to Core

Workout Wednesday

A separate programme for Key Stage 1 has been prepared by Mrs Pasternakiewicz and can be downloaded below. Parents can also log on to  Jasmine, a Junior School PE resource site.