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St Gabriel’s

St Gabriel’s

  • Sandleford & Junior School Open Morning - Thursday 13 February

  • Senior School & Sixth Form Open Morning - Friday 13 March


This course covers some traditional aspects of geography so that students gain a deeper understanding and awareness of natural processes in the environment. They will also consider contemporary questions and debates that arise from these, including desertification, migration and sustainability, which are all global issues.

Students learn a variety of skills and are required to be both numerate and literate.  They use a wide range of resources, including geographic information system (GIS), and learn to be discerning in their use.  Through their own investigative study students learn the process of hypothesis testing and the fun of fieldwork. 

Students are encouraged to look at an issue from a variety of viewpoints and scales - to ‘Think Global, Act Local’. Students have gone on to study Geography at Cambridge, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Royal Holloway and Newcastle and Development Studies in Cape Town.