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Our planned blog has taken a different direction with recent events and we hope parents will find the articles, links and advice shared here helpful, in supporting their children. 

Concilium is taken from Latin, meaning  plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom.

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  • 20/05/21

    History of Sandleford Priory

    The Sandleford Priory estate passed through a series of tenants, with the lease being acquired in 1730 by Edward Montagu, a grandson of the first Earl of Sandwich, who married Elizabeth Robinson of Yorkshire in 1742.  After Montagu's death in 1775, his wife, renowned for her intellectual sa...
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  • 11/05/21

    Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

    It is Mental Health Awareness Week and a time for us all to focus on ‘nature’.  At St Gabriel's we are blessed with an abundant 33 acres to explore and enjoy.  Junior pupils look up to see the birds and listen to their song whilst learning amongst the daffodils, a...
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  • 02/03/21

    Return to School - Autumn Term

    Junior School The Junior School staff are looking forward to welcoming pupils back in school on 6 September at 09.30 in order to reduce congestion in the car park and on the playground.  Further details can be found in the Return to School Arrangements booklet. Junior Sc...
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  • 12/02/21

    Spring Half-Term Activities

    February half term is upon us, and we may not be able to physically 'go away' and feel like we are stuck at home, but there's still plenty to do and not all of it online.  We've gathered a selection of ideas for inspiration.  To find your moment of light – read on...
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  • 25/01/21

    Everybody’s Changing

    Mrs Chapman’s assembly last week encouraged pupils to think about the changes they are experiencing and how we can manage change. A video of Keane’s Everybody’s Changing (from their 2003 debut album Hopes and Fears) provided food for thought at the start, as the song...
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  • 18/01/21

    Digital Parenting

    Over the past year, digital technology has enabled us to keep in touch with family and friends through quarantine, to learn or work  from home in ways we might never have thought possible a year ago with our reliance on our devices increasing dramatically. Lockdown at weekends combine...
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  • 14/01/21

    Don't give up - the storm ends!

    Staff and pupils were moved by Mrs Chapman's assembly this week about an inspirational book she has recently read.  We have reproduced sections below for the wider school community to enjoy.
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  • 11/01/21

    A New Year, a New Term and New Teams

    In her first assembly of term, Mrs Chapman welcomed students back to the new virtual routines associated with remote teaching and learning on Teams. Her message encouraged students to remain positive, to look after themselves and to keep in touch. An extract is shared below.
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  • 04/01/21

    PE at Home Spring Term – January

    Mrs Brazendale and the PE team have created a timetable of activities for Senior School pupils for the first two weeks of the Spring Term, commencing  4 January.   Mrs Brazendale, Head of PE  has created a January Workout video as part of the planner, exercising safe...
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  • 24/11/20

    Festive Family Activities

    We felt the lead up to Christmas would be a perfect time to relax and explore a range of alternative activities from visiting a virtual Christmas market to building a hedgehog a home, the list of suggestions are below with the relevant hyperlinks included. Please share, have fun and stay safe thi...
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  • 01/11/20

    Who are our House Saints?

    All Saints' Day (1 November) is a good opportunity to share a little of the history of the saints whose names have been used in the House system at St Gabriel's since it was founded, in Mill Hill in London, by nuns in 1929. Aidan St Aidan was an Irish monk and missionary credited...
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  • 21/10/20

    Black History Month

    Mr Smith’s last assembly of this half term reflected on events that have led to increasing worldwide awareness and understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement. He reiterated that the fun enjoyed by pupils on Wear it Red Day to support Show Racism the Red Card needs to be followed up...
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