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Y5 Play-in-a-day

Year 5 had the opportunity to perform an Egyptian based play-in-a-day on the Friday of cross-curricular week. Individually they all worked very hard throughout the day to perfect their acting and do the best they possibly could. It was also great to see them working together and helping each other to achieve what was a fantastic show. The performance was reminiscent of the children’s TV programme Horrible Histories. Historically correct, short, humorous and extremely gruesome!

Overall, Year 5 had a great week and with Year 6 away at Mill on the Brue they stepped up their game and set an example to the rest of the school. This gave us an encouraging glimpse of what is to come in September.

Other highlights of cross curricular week included Reception through to Year 5 pupils being transported back in time to the 14th Century BC, by ‘History off the Page’. Through role-play they experienced life as it would have been during this period. To get in character for the day’s activities, pupils, and even some staff members, came to school dressed in the most amazing array of Egyptian costumes. In the afternoon, there was even a banquet to celebrate the appointment of a new High Priest of Aten.

For Reception pupils, cross curricular week provided their first big school trip, with Year 1 & 2, to the Ashmolean Museum. They have impressed their teachers by remembering many interesting facts about ancient Egypt. They also had great fun getting creative too, making amazing Scarab Beetle pictures and learning to write their names in hieroglyphics.

A selection of photographs from cross curricular week can be found on our galleries page.

Ancient Egyptians


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