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Y4's first residential trip to Lulworth Cove 

Year 4 had their first residential trip last week to Lulworth Cove, and everyone (including the teachers) had a wonderful time!

What did Year 4 think about the trip?
Here are their thoughts:

“I loved seeing Durdle Door in real life, instead of in the books. “

“When we saw Durdle Door for the first time, it was very exciting!”

Durdle Door

“The arch at Durdle Door was so big! I loved drawing it.”

“I enjoyed my dorm, it was called Durdle Door but Mrs Black called us Durdle Dorm! The views were beautiful. “

“I loved it because I had fun in the sea.”

“I loved it because we got to paddle in the sea. “

“I had loads of fun and we got to go in the sea!”

Paddling on the beach

“I loved the way we could take our socks and shoes off and let the waves touch our feet. “

“Doing the beach art was really good fun.”

“We did some beach art with the bits and bobs we found. We had a great time.”

art on the beach

“I loved it because of the sunny weather, the calm sea and the lovely sights.”

“We had a lovely time at Lulworth Cove, we had ice cream and it was very yummy.”

On the beach

“We had a scrumptious dinner, after which we were all stuffed!”

“After we walked up and down the hill, we got to have an ice cream.”

“I loved the rooms we got put in because we could just relax and have so much fun!”

Year 4 are already looking forward to their residential in France next summer!

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