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Sixth Form to Parliament and Supreme Court

On the 11 September we took our first trip of the year as Sixth Form students to Parliament. We started our trip by visiting the Supreme Court where all the important constitutional cases have been decided since it was established in 2001. Since the Court was not in use that day we were able to go inside the court room, where we learnt about why the Supreme Court was established and how a typical case is treated. We were even able to sit in the Justices' chairs, although we were banned from sitting in the President's. 


After visiting the Supreme Court we walked to Parliament, where later that day MPs would vote on the Brexit Bill. We were given a tour of some of the most interesting parts of the building, which included the famous House of Commons, which looks much larger on television. As MPs were beginning to arrive for the Brexit Bill debate, we had the privilege of visiting a committee room where we held our own debate on “should Euthanasia be legalised”, a topic the Commons debated in 2015. We then went to the Parliament Education Office where we participated in a fun and informative workshop on electoral systems.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, it has sparked my interest in the Supreme Court, and has encouraged me to want to go back and watch a debate in the House of Commons.

Evie G

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