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Safe Drive Stay Alive Y12

On Tuesday 8 November, Year 12 attended the Safe Drive Stay Alive presentation at the Hexagon in Reading. It had a very powerful impact on everyone, due to the reality of the speakers, who all came in with their own stories to tell. The speakers included a fireman, a policeman, a paramedic, a doctor, someone who was involved in an accident and suffered life changing injuries and a mother of a young man who died in a road traffic accident. The speakers all really opened our eyes to the importance of wearing a seatbelt, not using your phone, not being under the influence of drink or drugs and driving within the speed limits whilst travelling in a car. The message that hit everyone the hardest was definitely the mother of the son who had died as it was so real - a few tears were shed! Overall it was an incredibly useful and insightful talk and will definitely make us think about driving carefully in the future.

Year 12

For further information about Safe Drive Stay Alive please click on the image below.

Safe Drive Stay Alive



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