St Gabriel's Welcome Team GB Athlete Andrew Osagie


The Junior and Pre Prep girls took part in a Sports 4 all event last Monday; the aim of the event was to introduce the girls to the healthy lifestyle challenge which consisted of four exercise stations and a talk from our guest athlete Andrew Osagie. 
 The girls had millions of questions to ask Andrew about sport in general and how it feels to be an Olympic athlete. At the end of the session volunteers from each year group including Mrs P and Miss Moth took part in a warm up demonstration much to the amusement of staff and girls.
We are hoping to raise some of the funds needed by our young athletes who do not receive help from the national lottery fund and as always have been grateful to the generous support of our parents.
We will all be watching out for Andrew as he competes in the 800m for TEAM GB in the Olympics next summer.

Games Captains with Andrew OsagieAndrew Osagies putting the girls through their paces!