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Year 1 Journey Back in Time

Year 1 recently took a journey back in time to early in the last century when they visited Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. They enjoyed spending a day exploring the historic streets, visiting a 1940s sweet shop and seeing how people used to live in the olden days. However, the main learning focus of the day was to support their learning this term about toys in the past and comparing them to toys in the present.

Our young historians were very engaged discovering the museum's toy collections through fun activities. The most popular game being the fictional 'toy box' where they had to choose which toys to give to a museum, which to give to a car boot sale and which were so precious they could keep. It was no surprise that they didn't throw any away and wanted to play with them all! The day finished with the children dressing up and playing The I Spy trail. At the end of the day Mrs Webb was very proud that the Milestones guide commented how observant and careful the class were; asking lots of questions and handling the precious toys.

'It was great fun dressing up as a little girl from the 1930's!'

'We had to put new and old toys on the toy timeline and there was a doll which was 100 years old!' 

Milestones trip

Milestones Museum Y1 2016


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