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Egg-citing Times in Year 1

What an egg-citing time it was in Year 1 last week! Eight sweet little fluffy chicks have joined the children in the classroom and are supporting their learning in all sorts of ways.

One of the highlights of Year 1 is the Living Eggs experience.  Our young, engaged learners have witnessed nature at its best. Maths lessons have been halted for hatchings; science lessons spent learning about the lifecycle of a chicken; pupils have enthusiastically cared and looked after our tiny, fragile visitors and chick-themed poems and songs have been recited. This unique week has been confidently recorded by the girls and boys on their iPads in chick iBooks, through diaries, photos and video footage and keenly shared with parents at the end of each day.

Year 1 look forward to taking their feathered friends into the grounds as they grow bigger and stronger.

Sarah Webb
Year 1 Teacher

children observing the chicks hatching

chicks and eggs


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