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Y8 Fieldwork to Hengistbury Head

On September 23, Year 8 went on a geography trip to Hengistbury Head to investigate coastal defences and consider the causes of erosion. Initially we climbed to the top of Warren Hill at Hengistbury Head to practise our observation skills by sketching Mudeford Spit. We undertook a range of data collection and fieldwork tasks including measuring long shore drift, wave frequency, beach shape and pebble size. We calculated the long shore drift by throwing an orange into the sea for 3 minutes and measuring how far to the side it travelled. We measured the wave frequency by counting the number of waves in 1 minute and we worked out that if there were 12 or more in a minute they were destructive waves and if there were less than 12 they were constructive waves. We measured the angle of the beach by using a clinometer we did this at a few different sites. The data we collected will be used in our geography lessons to develop our understanding of coastal erosion.

Emily and Heidi
Year 8

A video of the trip can be view here and a selection of photographs can be found on our Galleries page.

Hengistbury Head

Mudeford Spit


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