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Religious Studies: Philosophy & Ethics

Following a critical, thematic study of the major world religions, pupils use the knowledge gained to address a range of philosophical and ethical questions which may include ‘What do religious believers think about the use of cloning?’ and ‘How can religious believers explain the problem of evil and suffering?’ Pupils develop their own opinions on these issues and learn to empathise with a religious viewpoint whilst considering academically the evidence within scripture. Through participation in vibrant discussions and group activities, pupils are challenged to stand in other people’s shoes and to explore different perspectives while defending their own point of view.

Challenge & Extension: Debating club give pupils the opportunity to think about a range of philosophical and moral questions that they may not encounter in their Religious Studies lessons. Access to an extension programme is available to all pupils, tasks may take the form of reading articles, watching a documentary or answering questions to develop deeper understanding of a topic and external talks.

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