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Design & Technology: Product Design

The distinguishing feature of this course is its creative and practical nature, which enables girls to combine designing and making skills with the knowledge and understanding required to produce real life prototype products.

There is a mix of theory, design and practical work which helps pupils to understand and appreciate the design and manufacture of commercially produced products and to be creative in their approach to solving problems. Pupils gain an understanding of the wider factors involved in the production of a new product.

Design theory is taught in a practical and engaging manner, which relates to current industrial methods and practices. We encourage students to apply learnt theories to real life problems and develop solutions independently through modelling and testing. Students thrive on the independent nature of the project work and work in a self-motivated and inquisitive manner. Examples of recent GCSE project can be viewed by visiting our GCSE Design Galleries.

Challenge & Extension: Challenge and extension provision for GCSE Product Design GCSE Product design offers many opportunities for challenge and extension due to the bespoke nature of the design projects we undertake during the course. The sign of a talented designer is one who can cast a critical eye on a current design, method or system and asks the question ‘how can this be done more effectively?’ They then utilise higher level thinking skills such as applying, analysing, evaluating and creating to solve problems, considering all relevant factors which contribute to their design to produce a successful and commercially viable solution. This journey of development truly offers challenge and extension to students.

Visitors to St Gabriel's quickly recognise that this is no ordinary school. Parents are always impressed by the sense of purpose and enthusiasm of the talented, committed staff and the confidence of the extremely happy pupils. We offer girls the opportunity for a seamless journey from Nursery through to Sixth Form, with our boys leaving us at the age of 11 for their senior schools.

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