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Classical Civilisation

The study of Classical Civilisation at St Gabriel’s is centred around allowing students to interact personally with the ancient world and give them unforgettable experiences that put them in the shoes (or sandals) of their Greek and Roman ancestors. Pupils are encouraged to engage critically and emotionally with the cultures that we study through discussion, argument, and access to primary sources from the time. They will have the opportunity to participate in a sacrifice, experience education the Roman way (with wax tablets) and enjoy a symposium with an authentic game or two of kottabos. The new GCSE course covers topics such as myths and gods, epic poetry, and the heroes of the Greek world. To supplement their understanding we provide trips to sites of archaeological interest like Sicily and Greece, as well as museums and plays, which allows pupils to place their knowledge within a real-life context.

Classical Civilisation offers challenge but is also accessible to all since everybody recognises something of themselves in the ancient world. Study of the ancient world provides an interesting and deeply relevant lens through which girls may make observations about the world and society in which they live today. This subject also enables girls to develop many essential skills: literacy, self-expression, artistic ability, reasoning and debating. 

Challenge & Extension: There are many opportunities within the course; individual research projects and challenging essay titles enable girls to delve deeply into the vast array of subject material and to develop higher-order thinking skills. There is also the opportunity to get really “up close and personal” with the ancient world through a variety of extra-curricular visits, both in the UK and abroad. 

For further information on the department’s activities please visit our Twitter page: @StGabsClassics

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