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Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Space Challenge

After competing in our internal robotics challenge, Evie, Pippa, Talia, Rachel, Lisea, Emily H, Emily W, Molly M, Molly C and Heidi from years 7 & 8 worked as a team in the Tomorrow's Engineers Robotics Space Challenge event at Winchester Science Centre.

The event consisted of 4 main sections:

  • They designed, built using Lego and programmed their robot called 'Scrutor' (Latin for explore) to complete 7 different space challenges under timed conditions.
  • They completed a teamwork challenge and built a structure from the Science Centre in 15 minutes using only newspaper and Sellotape - they constructed a working crane.
  • They answered a series of grilling questions from robotics engineers from Kinetica about their own robot design and programming.
  • And finally they researched and prepared a presentation on 'How humans can survive in space' and presented this to NASA scientists - followed by answering questions on the spot on the topic, which they won the regional award for.



Presentation Winners



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