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Where Can a Medical Degree Take You?

On Thursday,  26 January, we were fortunate to hear Dr Catherine Quarini speak of her experience applying for and undertaking a medical degree, as well as the plethora of achievements she has gone on to accomplish after graduating from Oxford. She has specialised in psychiatry and is currently editor at Lancet Psychiatry. Whilst many of us may consider there to be one traditional route in medicine, Dr Quarini spoke of many alternative paths, including scientific research and an innumerable number of medical specialities. Moreover, she provided valuable insight into the medical application process and how to make your application stand out amongst a sea of well deserving potential medics. Dr Quarini stressed the need for relevant work experience or voluntary work over a period of time to show commitment and that your application wasn't a last minute decision. She also outlined the importance of having a variety of extra curricular activities whilst at school to show that you are sociable and can manage your time effectively. Dr Quarini’s talk was extremely informative and helpful in widening our perspectives to all that a medical career can encompass. We greatly appreciate her taking the time to come and speak to us.

Anisha Y13

Dr Quarini encouraged potential medics to investigate the schools programme run by the Royal Society of Medicine such as  "Medical Careers: So you want to be a doctor?" 

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