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Clubs & Activities

Spring Term 2017 Clubs & Practices 

Monday 0815 Running Club
  1245 Kalliope Creative Writing (Junior Library)
  1245 Y3-6 Drama Club (TH)
  1245 Y3-6 Ukulele Group (Studio)
  1245 Y5&6 Netball B Squad
  1245 Y6 Science Club (Junior Science)
  1245 Y10-12 Netball Team Practice
  1315 Senior Dance Club (Studio)
  13.15 Y7 Hockey Team Practice
  1315 Y7-11 Programming Club (ICT1)
  1315 Y7-13 Jazz Band (OR)
  1315 Y9-11 Business Club
  1600 Y1&2 Art Club (Junior Art)
  1600 Y5&6 Hockey
  1600 Oval Orchestra
  1600 Y8&9 Hockey Team Practice (Horris Hill)
  1600 Y9 Lyrical Dance Club
Tuesday 0815 Y2 Ballet (DS)
  0815 Y3&4 Hockey
  0815 Y7&8 Netball Academy (by invitation)
  0845 Y1 Ballet (DS)
  0915 R Ballet (DS)
  1245 Music Reading Club (Studio)
  1245 Y4 Netball
  1245 Y5 Junior Dance Club (DS)
  1245 Sixth Form Play (TH)
  1315 Rock Band (OR)
  1315 Beginners Mandarin (MFL1)
  1315 Y7&8 Dance Club
  1315 Y8&9 Netball Team Practice
  1600 R-Y2 Gym Club (SH)
  1600 Y1-3 Climbing Club (SH)
  1600 Y3&4 Football (after half term)
  1600 Y6 Cineclub
  1600 Y7&8 Pottery Club (Art)
  1600 Y9-11 Angelis Dance Company (DS)
  1630 Rock Band (OR)
  1700 Y3-6 Gym Club (SH)
  1700 Y4-6 Climbing Club (SH)
Wednesday 0815 Y10-12 Netball Academy (by invitation)
  1245 Y1-3 Choir (Studio)
  1245 Y5&6 Football
  1245 Y12 Young Enterprise (BS)
  1245 Body Conditioning for Senior C&E pupils
  1315 Y7-9 Drama Club (TH)
  1315 Y10&11 Netball Team Practice
  1315 Y11 Ballet (DS)
  1600 St Gabriel's Singers (OR)
  1600 Y7-9 Lyrical Dance Club (DS)
  1600 Y7-13 Competitive Gymnastics Squad (SH)
  1600 Y7-13 Maths Club (M2)
  1600 Y12&13 Literary Film Club
  1700 Y7-13 Competitive Gymnastics Squad (SH)
Thursday 0815 Senior Tennis Academy
  0815 Y5&6 Netball A Squad Practice
  0815 Senior String Group (OR)
  0815 Y9&10 Netball Academy (by invitation)
  0830 Y9 Greek (Humanities)
  1240 Y4 Spanish Club (Classroom)
  1245 Junior Orchestra (Studio)
  1245 ABRSM Aural Practice (OR)
  1245 Y2 Recorders (Classroom)
  1245 Y2&3 Netball
  1245 Y2-6 Digital Leaders (5S)
  1245 Y3-13 Chess Club (Square Hall)
  1245 Senior Tennis Academy
  1245 Y7 Netball Team Practice
  1310 Y7&8 Robotics Club (by invitation)
  1315 Senior String Quintet (OR)
  1315 Y7-9 MFL Speaking Club (MFL2)
  1315 Y8&9 Ballet (DS)
  1315 Y12&13 Social Netball
  1600 Junior Chamber Choir (by invitation)
  1600 Y1-6 Short Tennis
  1600 Y7-13 Debating (E1)
  1600 Y11 Maths Club (M2)
  1600 Y12&13 MedSoc (A Lab)
  1615 Y12 Chemistry Question Practice
  1700 Y1-6 Short Tennis
Friday 0815 Y6-13 Fitness Club (DS)
  0830 Junior String Group (Studio)
  0830 Senior Theory (Music Tech)
  1235 Y3-6 JAFFA Club (Junior Art & Science)
  1245 R-Y2 Football
  1245 Y5&6 Basketball
  1245 Y7-13 Football
  1315 Big Band (by invitation) (OR)
  1315 Senior Flute Group (Practice Room 1)
  1315 DoE Bronze (support & guidance) (A Lab)
  1315 Y7-9 Science Club (Science)
  1315 Y7-13 Badminton Club
  1600 R-Y3 Judo (SH)
  1600 Y3-6 Trampolining Club
  1700 Y4-11 Judo (SH)
  1700 Y7-13 Trampolining Club

Visitors to St Gabriel's quickly recognise that this is no ordinary school. Parents are always impressed by the sense of purpose and enthusiasm of the talented, committed staff and the confidence of the extremely happy pupils. We offer girls the opportunity for a seamless journey from Nursery through to Sixth Form, with our boys leaving us at the age of 11 for their senior schools.

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