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Product Design

The course enables students to produce creative ideas and apply a logical approach to their development. As well as becoming aware of the physical and mechanical properties of a broad range of materials and components and how they can be manipulated to manufacture products, students also develop knowledge and understanding of the broader issues for the designer such as: environmental sustainability of products and their manufacture, ergonomic and anthropometrics, inclusive design, and consumer safety.

Through study and first-hand experience in practical project work, students also develop knowledge of the health and safety issues relevant to working with materials. Coursework provides an opportunity for students to plan and organise a project through several stages, work out the costings and budget and appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing.

Product Design offers the opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate many desirable skills for future employers and sits comfortably alongside a wide range of other A levels. It can lead onto a wide variety of further study and university courses including Engineering, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Architecture and Marketing. 

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