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Science Seminar for Y7 & 8 Academic Scholars 

Our Academic Scholars participate in a programme of activities, mentoring and talks designed to nurture their talents and foster intellectual curiosity. Senior scholars also meet termly for breakfast, where they are joined by the Principal, to discuss topical issues. After the highlight of the Y7 & 8 Scholastic Essay Presentation Evening on Monday, 5 February, our scholars ended the half term "searching for extra terrestrial life" as recounted below, by Pippa from Y8.  

"On Wednesday, 7 February, the Y7 & 8 Academic Scholars enjoyed an incredibly interesting lunchtime seminar from Head of Science, Miss Hammett. We were looking at ‘Searching for Extra-terrestrial Life’ which was a really interesting topic. We covered various aspects including theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawkings' amazing discoveries and theories as well as Mars and how close we maybe are to finding life there. I personally found it intriguing as I am really interested in space and how lifeforms live in certain conditions. As we looked into these subjects, we were encouraged to develop our own ideas about life on other planets. Hopefully in our lifetime, we will find life on another planet and maybe our technology might even develop enough for us to be able to communicate with it and to visit other solar systems. I have definitely taken in all this information and I am really looking forward to the next seminar."

Pippa B Year 8

Our next Challenge and Extension talk on Wednesday, 28 March at 7pm is  by Dr Colin Wright otherwise known as 'the juggling mathematician' is open to all pupils and parents as well as visitors from other schools - please save the date!


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