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Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Studying religion, philosophy and ethics gives pupils the time and space to contemplate profound questions, the chance to be themselves and develop their own opinions as well as being an engaging and relevant part of the curriculum. Pupils are introduced to the key constructs of the major world religions and learn to empathise and evaluate these ideas through vibrant class discussions. No belief system or moral stance will be presented as an absolute truth – all are presented equally as viable options, including atheist and humanist points of view. Through debates such as ‘Can a scientist believe in God?’ and ‘Does religion cause more harm than good?’, pupils come to realise that there is not always one right answer to life's big questions.

Challenge & Extension: Pupils may attend debating club, which allows them to think about a range of philosophical and moral questions that they may not encounter in their lessons. There is a specific reading list on the school's VLE. Extension tasks may take the form of reading articles, watching a documentary or answering questions to develop the pupils’ understanding of a topic.

Visitors to St Gabriel's quickly recognise that this is no ordinary school. Parents are always impressed by the sense of purpose and enthusiasm of the talented, committed staff and the confidence of the extremely happy pupils. We offer girls the opportunity for a seamless journey from Nursery through to Sixth Form, with our boys leaving us at the age of 11 for their senior schools.

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