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Latin & Classical Civilisation

Over 50% of English words have Latin in their etymological roots. At St Gabriel’s we follow the Cambridge Latin Course which allows our students to develop their knowledge of the language alongside the history and culture of the Roman world, whilst also enriching their grasp of English and other modern languages.

In Year 7, as well as studying basic accidence and syntax, students cover topics including gladiatorial combat, the Roman theatre, religious customs, and the city of Pompeii.

In Year 8 they go on to look at Roman Britain and the Celts, Egypt as a Roman province, and the spread of the Roman Empire. During this time they will progress to translations of longer passages and more complex grammar.

In Year 9 girls will either continue studying Latin or move to a non-linguistic course which focuses on a mixture of Greek mythology, tragedy, comedy, and the ubiquitous Olympic Games.

Latin is taught as a logical yet dynamic and engaging subject, involving the inductive learning of linguistic forms and an appreciation of Roman culture. The language is brought to life for the girls through a variety of teaching and learning strategies which include kinaesthetic, visual and auditory activities as well as creative projects. Through studying classical civilisation girls develop creative and higher-order thinking skills as they encounter the myths, legends and cultures of the ancient world.

Challenge & Extension: English into Latin composition is offered as an extension activity and girls develop skills which enable them to extend their grammatical knowledge and understanding. Pupils also have the opportunity to attend Greek Club in Year 9. We provide a variety of trips, both abroad and within the UK, such as to Corinium, Bath, Fishbourne, Parc Asterix, the British Museum and the Ashmolean. The classical community within the school is strong as we hold events such as film nights and external speakers which are open to all years.

For further information on these events please visit the Classics Department Twitter page @StGabsClassics

Visitors to St Gabriel's quickly recognise that this is no ordinary school. Parents are always impressed by the sense of purpose and enthusiasm of the talented, committed staff and the confidence of the extremely happy pupils. We offer girls the opportunity for a seamless journey from Nursery through to Sixth Form, with our boys leaving us at the age of 11 for their senior schools.

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